Car Park Markings

Car park line markings are an easy and inexpensive way of organising your car park and making it safer for both visitors and members of staff. Markings can be used to convey important information to road users such as speed limit restrictions, directions around the car park, when road users should give way to oncoming traffic and where they should & should not park. Line markings can also be used to create pedestrian walkways in car parks and to make clear distinctions between traffic routes and pedestrian routes, greatly reducing the risk of accidents.

When car parks don’t have any line markings, road users tend to leave large gaps between other parked cars when parking resulting in far fewer cars fitting into the car park than possible. Having clear and well-maintained car park markings results in much more organised parking as people know exactly where they should, and should not, park their vehicle. This maximises the use of the available space and results in far more cars fitting into the car park.

Since 1988 we have been providing all types of car park line markings, ranging from small private car parks with only a handful of bays to huge supermarket car parks and multi-storeys.

With over 35 years’ experience in the white lining industry, we are happy to help with the design of your car park line marking layout to maximise the number of your spaces, improve traffic flow and most importantly ensure that the area is functional and safe.

We only use the highest quality and most durable road marking materials to guarantee our car park line markings are bright, vibrant and long-lasting.

Aware that having your car park white lining done can be an inconvenience, we make sure that our work takes place at a time that suits you and with minimum disruption to your business.

We offer our car park line marking services throughout Scotland and the North of England from our depots in Edinburgh, Glasgow & Newcastle upon Tyne.

Some examples of car park markings available include:

  • Standard car parking bay markings    
  • DDA approved disabled car parking bay markings      
  • Parent & child car parking bay markings
  • Electric vehicle charging bay markings    
  • Parking bay numbering  
  • parking bay text/lettering
  • Pedestrian walkway markings  
  • Traffic safety & management markings
    • Centre lining / lane markings  
    • Directional arrows  
    • Give way junctions  
    • Zebra crossings  
    • Speed restriction roundels  
    • Text/lettering  
  • Single and double yellow lining  
  • Hatched no parking/keep clear areas  
  • Bespoke company logos/designs
  • Anti-slip coloured paints


We cover the whole of Scotland & the North of England from our depots in Edinburgh, Glasgow & Newcastle upon Tyne.

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