Anti-Skid Surfacing

Anti-skid or high friction surfacing can be used to improve both the safety and appearance of areas. The increased friction provided by the aggregate in high friction surfacing reduces braking distances, improves vehicle’s tyre grip and decreases the chances of vehicles skidding. This minimizes the risk of traffic accidents occurring and improves road safety.

High friction surfacing is most commonly used on roads, cycle paths, bus lanes and at the approaches to traffic lights, junctions and roundabouts. However, it can also be used decoratively on driveways, paths and pedestrian walkways.

There are two main types of anti-skid surfacing – hot-applied and cold-applied.

Cold-applied high friction surfacing involves applying a resin to the surface and then scattering aggregate over the top of the resin until it is fully covered. Once the material has been given enough time to fully cure, the surface is then thoroughly swept to remove any excess aggregate. Cold-applied high friction surfacing can also be referred to as resin-bonded surfacing.

Hot-applied anti-skid surfacing involves heating up a pre-mixed material consisting of aggregate & a binder in a boiler and then applying the hot material onto the surface with a screed shoe in even strips.

We offer both hot-applied and cold-applied high friction surfacing systems, available in a wide range of colours & Skid Resistance Values (SRV’s). The type of anti-skid material we use depends on the surface, intended use of the area and the volume of traffic it will receive.


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