Line Marking Removal

There are several different reasons why existing road markings may need to be removed. The layout of a road or site may need to change so the existing road markings will need to be removed to make way for the new layout. Another example is that when thermoplastic road markings have been re-lined numerous times, they can start to get quite thick and can even become trip hazards if too many layers have been applied. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to remove the existing layers of thermoplastic and start with fresh lining.

There is also a number of methods available for removing existing road markings. The main two options for line removal that we offer are removal using a hot compressed air lance and mechanic scabbling.

Hot compressed air lances (also known as thermal lances) are used for both surface drying and for the removal of thermoplastic road markings. Thermal lances use a mixture of propane gas and compressed air to burn off existing road markings. This is a very effective method of line removal but it is very noisy and produces some fumes so it is not suitable for certain locations.

Mechanical scabbling involves using a scabbler to grind the road markings from the surface. This method of line removal can be particularly useful when removing thick layers of thermoplastic.

The most suitable method of line removal for a project depends on a number of factors including the thickness of the existing markings, the quantity of markings to be removed, what surface the markings are on, the location of the markings and the timescale for the removal. If you are looking to have road marking removal work carried out, please get in touch with us and we will offer guidance on the most suitable method of line removal for your specific circumstances.


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