Road Markings

Road markings are an easy and cost-effective way of improving the organisation of your site and, in turn, reducing the risk of accidents occurring. Line markings can be used to inform visitors and members of staff of important site information such as site speed limit restrictions, parking restrictions, the correct direction of traffic flow and where to give way to oncoming traffic.

Line markings are also an effective way of fulfilling legal and safety obligations on your site. For example, there is a legal obligation on employers to clearly segregate traffic and pedestrians. Line marking can be used to create pedestrian walkways & zebra crossings which make it clear where people can walk safely, reducing the chances of pedestrians being struck by vehicles. Car park line marking can also be used to inform people where they should & should not park. This results in organised parking, maximising the use of available space & reducing the chance of cars being damaged from collision accidents. Having bright, clear & visible line makings not only improves the safety of your site, it also gives a good first impression of your company and shows that you are professional and well organised.

Fastlane Roadmarkings has been providing line painting services for over three decades, making us one of the most experienced road marking contractors in the country. Whether it’s refreshing existing white lining which has faded, removing redundant thermoplastic line marking or laying completely new white lining – we have all your road marking requirements covered. Our highly experienced and professional line painting operatives carry out road markings for a wide variety of situations including public & private roads, car parks, schools, hospitals and private sites.

Some examples of road markings available include:

  • Pedestrian walkway markings  
  • Give way junctions  
  • Centre lining  
  • Directional arrows  
  • Text/lettering  
  • Single and double yellow lining  
  • Zebra crossings  
  • Roundabout markings
  • Bus stop markings
  • Speed ramp markings
  • Speed restriction roundels  
  • Cycle lanes  
  • Road studs
  • Line removal – scabbling, scarifying & burning off with thermal lance


We cover the whole of Scotland & the North of England from our depots in Edinburgh, Glasgow & Newcastle upon Tyne.

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